Advisory Services

Digital Experience

As the world goes digital, companies need to engage with customers in new ways, offering them new services and applications, at any time, on any device.  People need to collaborate, communicate, work and do business differently, with more reactivity and a user centric approach.

At Contraste, we built a pragmatic method based on a Digital Maturity Model that helps you define where you are, where to go, and how to go there, aligned with your strategy and means.

Based on this analysis, we will then propose personalized solutions and value added services, including mobile, social, portal, digital experience platform, analytics, cloud...

Being an IT services provider and a digital agency, we will help you meet your users’ expectations and your goals.

Cloud Transition

Some of your applications have already been migrated to the cloud, and some are still running on servers which you manage directly.

Such a situation requires careful thinking: should critical applications remain on premise? Should they be transitioned to the cloud? Should they be backed up to the cloud? Can you trust the companies proposing private cloud or public clouds such as Amazon or Microsoft Azure?

How to take full advantage of such diverse possibilities? Can these new solutions improve availability of your data? Can they bring increased flexibility?

Contraste helps you making the right decisions and design the right solutions, based on a wide expertise of private and public clouds. We also help you design the transition roadmap and execute the migration project to your new infrastructure.

Agile Transformation

When application teams adopt Agile Software Development Methods, and do it well, they typically get a lot closer to their business colleagues. This gets them to develop better applications, faster, with a lot less corrections and increased user adoption.

But that doesn't mean it is easy. Becoming Agile is much more like a journey, there are lots of steps, choices to be made, and methods and tools to be selected and implemented. Doing it without the proper advice may be a disappointing experience.

Contraste has developed an Agility Maturity Model that helps you design the transformation path. We'll help you create the roadmap towards becoming an agile IT organisation, up to the DevOps paradigm where the complete application lifecycle is fully integrated.

We'll provide you with the right training and coaching, and help you manage the transformation towards complete success.

IT Governance

Is your objective to reduce IT costs or to increase IT service levels? Or maybe is it both?

Despite the information widely available about Governance Frameworks such CobIT ®, or Service Management Methods such as ITIL, organisations still struggle to achieve the cost or service levels expected by the business partners.

As IT Services is Contraste's core business, we master these frameworks and methods, and, most importantly, we have applied them to help many organisations deliver visible, rapid and sustainable benefits for both users and IT teams.

Our services cover IT Process Improvement, IT Cost Improvement, IT Service Catalogue Definition, IT Service Level Agreement Definition and Monitoring, Lean IT, and IT Service Management.

Our consultants will work with you on defining improvement roadmaps, training and coaching your teams, executing transformation projects and facilitating the change.

Business Analysis

Organisations which master Business Analysis well can leverage change and provide more efficient solutions to deliver value to their stakeholders. They are able to identify and articulate the real needs, the rationale for change and to design, transcribe and recommend solutions on operational, tactical or strategical level.

 Whether you strive to increase your ability to reply swiftly to change, produce more accurate requirements, more effective test plans, increase user satisfaction, or reduce the cost of maintaining applications, our Business Analysis Advisory Services will accompany and guide you to improve your practices in this discipline. 

 Leveraging our Business Analysis Maturity Model, we will realize with you the most effective training and transformation program. Together with your teams, we will set the standards and pave the way for realizing those solutions that are true catalysts for your business.

Project Management

Closing projects successfully doesn’t happen by chance. We strongly believe that good Project Management knowledge, best practices and proven techniques are the cornerstones of such achievements.

Whether your concern is to improve your project performance, to better control and monitor your resources and activities or to facilitate accurate decision-making and communication, our Project Management Advisory Services will help you managing your cost, quality, time and features constraints in the most efficient way.

Thanks to our Project Management Maturity Model, originally based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and PRINCE2 methodologies, we will drive your missions to success by the means of our extensive business expertise and certified project managers.