Application Services

Application Lifecycle Management

Our teams create, maintain and manage applications that effectively support business functions, evolving along with the requirements.

These services cover the complete application lifecycle: from analysis of business requirements to development to user acceptance, as well as the maintenance and enhancement of existing applications (Third Party Application Maintenance).

Whether it is about the creation of new applications, or the management of existing ones, we use our pragmatic methodologies to stay close to our clients’ stakeholders. It ensures that applications continue to deliver business value over their complete lifecycle.

Our services :

  • Relationship Management: we liaise with the business owners and the users to make sure that the development and maintenance teams have a good understanding of what needs to be delivered. 
  • Business Analysis: we take care of helping you express your requirements, as completely and exhaustively as possible, so that the development teams fully understand what needs to be produced. 
  • Development: we carry out all the activities that lead from the business requirements up to the availability of an application that can be presented to users.
  • Transfer to Production: finalized and tested applications are integrated into your architecture. User Acceptance tests are done and the application is deployed. 
  • Evolution Services: we take care of keeping the application in sync with functional or technical evolutions.

We use different application development methodologies like the traditional V-Model or other methodologies that best fit to moving requirements like: Rapid Application Development (RAD), Scrum or eXtreme Programming.

Web & Mobile Applications

Nowadays, browsing the web on desktop or on Smartphone has become a daily routine. Having a web presence is essential to increase your visibility from your customers and prospects.

Contraste supports you throughout your web project: from the scope definition to the site or mobile application go-live through the definition of the digital strategy, the design, the editorial content, the development,…

We use the most suitable CMS for your needs and we can develop custom modules to meet all your requests.

We develop our website in a Mobile First approach. 


The user experience takes into account many elements from design to the content architecture. The aim of this concept is to bring the user more easily and quickly as possible to the information they look for on your website.

Contraste builds and develops UX in every step of your project: before, during and after the go-live.

  • Before: we create wireframes and ergo layout to define the architecture
  • During:  we analyze how users interact with your environment
  • After: based on feedback from your users we adjust the elements of your site

Third Party Application Management

Often organisations need to focus on the development of new applications. The maintenance of the existing application portfolio can be limiting this new focus. Contraste's teams have developed the right approach for successfully taking over and maintaining existing applications.

The non-disruptive methodology is a phased approach including Transition and Transformation steps allowing progressive Transfer of Information (TOI) Risk Mitigation and Service Ramp-Up. Our operating Model is in line with your organisation and culture: retained organisation, clear segregation of roles and responsibilities. Our mature governance model allowing to establish a long term sustainable relationship between partners.

The scope of the services delivered within Third Party Application Maintenance Services can be fully customised according to your requirements.


Contrast Consulting provides you with highly trained and experienced testers and requirements engineers, well acquainted in a broad range of test techniques, technologies, methodologies and tools. Hire our multi skilled and cross-trained consultants as a part of your team to handle peak workloads or to provide specialists skills. Contrast Consulting can give advice in the use of proper tools, both for test management and test automation. Cross-skilled consultants, a pragmatic agile methodology and the use of the right tools will optimize quality control through your entire software development lifecycle.