Application Services


Successful projects start with an accurate, comprehensive and complete analysis.

Our Analysis Services will work together with your stakeholders, to build a description of your functional requirements as well as all non-functional elements to be considered.

Whether you'll call upon Contraste to build your applications or not, our Business, Functional and Technical Analysts will deliver all material needed for a ­solid application development.

We consider that the Test Plan is an integral part of these deliverables.

Our Requirements Engineering methods leverage industry standard frameworks such as TOGAF, BCS, and UML.

UX design

The focus on User Experience has never been as important as it is now. Whether it is about business applications which are there to help productivity, web sites that must combine attractiveness and usefulness, or mobile apps which must convince within seconds, no modern software development can afford to skip the ever more important UX Design phase.

We have developed our approach around proven steps: wireframes to quickly propose application look and feel, ergonomy layouts to demonstrate their effectiveness, interaction analysis to track user behaviour, AB Testing to determine the best options, and feedback loops to fine-tune the development.

And we keep our eyes on a fast moving field, so that we can keep innovate and bring new benefits to our clients.

Web Presence

Today, having an effective presence on the Internet has become as important, if not more, than any other communication medium. Your clients and prospects expect you to have a web site where they can find information and interact with you. This web site must have many important characteristics, including ease of use, clarity, performance, and, last but certainly not least, security.

We develop web-sites with all these in mind. From defining the scope to optimising it for search engines, our teams will work with you to support your digital strategy. And we'll connect them into your CRM, ERP or other existing applications to make the digital chain complete.

In an evolving universe where new options appear every day, and others disappear almost as quickly, you must be able to rely on a partner who helps you make the right choices. For example, all our web-sites are developed with a mobile-first approach, in other words they are fully responsive.

Our experts will leverage analytics to help you maximise the site's effectiveness.

Finally, whether your projects require a simple CMS (Content Management System) or a sophisticated e-commerce platform, we offer you the choice among industry-leading options. Our teams can also help you with the content.

Combining our web site developments with our expertise in Digital Experience, we optimise your presence on the Internet by leveraging all the techniques and tools to make you visible to your clients and prospects.

Mobile Applications

Many businesses want to offer their customers the possibility to interact with them anywhere, anytime. Or isn't that just an obligation to stay in the run? Mobile applications make this possible.

But Mobile Applications can't just be downscaled versions of classical web apps. They must be developed with specific ergonomics, as the first seconds of interaction will make users adopt them … or not.

Also, mobile platforms offer specific features which can help create an appealing user experience. Leveraging these requires to stay updated on a quickly evolving industry.

Finally, the multiplicity of platforms and versions needs sound software management and testing methods. Contraste offers these, so that you can focus on your marketing strategy without having to worry about how technology performs.

Front and Back Office Applications

Contraste develops Business Applications, whether for the Front Office (Client Facing) or for the Back Office (Admin Teams).

We'll help you decide if you should be implementing a package or developing a custom application, based on objective criteria.

A solid experience in this domain, combined with the most modern application development methods, allow Contraste to claim many successful projects.

Depending on the maturity and willingness of our clients, we'll use the most appropriate approaches. The traditional one, Waterfall Development, first goes through a comprehensive phase of requirements analysis and scoping, before handing over to development and then to testing.

A more modern one, Agile Development, will go through several iterations (sprints) where users and developers work closely together on quickly creating usable code increments.

Our Software Factory masters state of the art development languages such as Java, C#, PHP, and leverage industry-standard frameworks. It materialises experience in libraries that boost productivity, and it uses automated tools to manage, integrate and test the code produced.


Solid Testing is fundamental for ensuring that a new application or web-site gets quickly accepted by its users, and that its maintenance costs are contained.

Usability Testing and AB-Testing will guarantee that the user interface is optimised, easy to use, and intuitive.

Besides eliminating any errors in the code, the test phase will also verifying the application's scalability with Performance Testing, and its security with, for example Penetration Testing.

Contraste's teams will help you in designing the appropriate Testing Strategy, and, ideally, in selecting tools and methods for Automated Testing. In addition, we can carry out the tests, freeing the time of your teams for new developments.

Our testers are ISTQB certified.

Third Party Application Maintenance

Often organisations need to focus on the development of new business applications. The maintenance of the existing application portfolio can be limiting this new focus. Contraste's teams have developed the right approach to Third Party Application Maintenance (TPAM) for successfully taking over and maintaining existing applications.

The non-disruptive methodology is a phased approach including Transition and Transformation steps allowing progressive Transfer of Information, Risk Mitigation and Service Ramp-Up.

Our operating model is in line with your organisation and culture: retained organisation, clear segregation of roles and responsibilities. Our mature governance model allows to establish a long term sustainable relationship between partners.