Case study | Clinique Saint Jean

Clinique Saint Jean

Iterative participatory work is what makes it possible to move forward in contact with reality!

Florence Feys, Head of communication at Clinique Saint-Jean


The client

The Clinique Saint-Jean is a clinic located in the heart of Brussels, concerned with the quality of the services it offers and in constant search for improvement.

With the support of its 1400 highly specialised professionals spread over 3 locations (Botanique, Méridien and Léopold I), it offers personalised, high-quality care with a view to restoring and promoting the health and well-being of the patient.



As early as 2014, the clinic found several problems concerning web presence and communication within the institution:

  • The website was obsolete and difficult to maintain
  • The website was not adapted to the expectations of the mobile
  • Print communication was too unstable: directory of doctors, schedules, exceptional communications like those that were necessary as a consequence of the works in the clinic surroundings, ...
  • The clinic faced an increasingly competitive environment

These different observations led the clinic to have a strategic reflection and to establish requirements specification for the realization of a platform.


  • Upgrade to a modern communication with the clinic
  • Create an interactive and dynamic central platform: application management, information search, ...
  • Deliver information as quickly as possible and as accurately as possible, both to the patient and to the many collaborators of the clinic.



We worked iteratively and agilely with defimedia to clarify needs or wishes when building solutions, testing, in order to achieve a final testing and deployment phase. The Go Live was preceded by an internal use phase, which saved us many unpleasant surprises after the official release of the site.

Defimedia has undertaken a mission to redefine the content structure and define a new information architecture. An ergonomic analysis, illustrated by wireframes, was realized in a Mobile First approach.

The project was made with the Open Source CMS Drupal 7. We were particularly pleased with the inventiveness of defimedia to actually stick to our requests while being obliged to bypass the difficulties of the modules, which ultimately represent an additional cost that is too often underestimated in the cost of Open Source solutions.

The establishment of the participatory process, in particular through the drafting of the content by the various services was the subject of our attention. Of course, we also request Defimedia services for the resynthesis and the centering of the texts in order to stick to the Webwriting necessities.

The project covered communication channels, working methods and internal processes, as well as the establishment of short cycles.



The Clinique Saint-Jean now has an information platform that enables it to communicate information to all clinic audiences on the site and on social networks.

The new site allows:

  • To inform patients and visitors about the schedules of doctors and the different services
  • Make online appointments with a healthcare provider
  • To inform and communicate with doctors via a dedicated extranet
  • Communicate on social networks
  • Manage all the applications received by the HR department via a backoffice tool



The essential part of a website redesign project is to involve the right parties from the very beginning and to have their support throughout the project through a rigorous collaborative process.

Another essential aspect concerns the agency with which we work. It is crucial to establish a relationship of trust based on expertise and flexibility.