Case study | Groupe Rossel

Groupe Rossel

Digital can capture all kinds of data to build the product that matches an expectation.

Bruno Durdu, Chief Digital Officer, Rossel Group

The client

The Rossel group is the first French-speaking press group in Belgium. With more than one hundred companies, it is present mainly in Belgium and in the North of France. But it is also present in Luxembourg and Bulgaria. Decentralized and diversified, the Rossel group is active in print media, whether national or regional, paying or free, daily or periodic and holds brands such as Le Soir, La Voix du Nord, Sudpresse, Vlan, Echo, RTL-TVI, Radio Contact...


The digital transformation of the group started in 1997, when the Press entered the digital age.
The ability to embark readers in this digital transformation has gradually led the Group to imagine what the readers journey should be on the platform from anonymous visits to identification and on-boarding.

Content is key. ATAWAD content publishing was the very first brick of the digital solution provided by Audaxis. But soon monetization and customer subscription had to follow.

If at the beginning each editor had designed and set up his own “customer’s space”, which allowed him to both manage profiles and e-subscriptions, the need for a unique platform managing  marketing and customer service teams of different publishers quickly emerged.

This is how the “Group Customer Journeys” (GCJ) project is born, supported by a taskforce from Marketing and Customer Services departments and Audaxis technology experts.


The challenge was to set up a unique e-marketing platform that meets business and technical requirements of all editors belonging to Rossel Group  :

  • Cost savings,
  • Retrieval of the user experience
  • Capitalization on internal experience,
  • Give editors a full autonomy and better control, greater flexibility in the management of subscription offers,
  • Restore marketing department autonomy and agility in setting up offers,
  • Collecting the customer’s experience to guide potential client towards content offers
  • Subscriber qualification,
  • Easy access to key reporting ,
  • Integration of various payment methods


The project was common to the different entities of the group and was based on several axes:

  • The common definition of “User Stories” in order to express the needs of business
  • Search for a common denominator between all entities & the minimum sustainable product
  • Joint project management, based on an Agile methodology
  • Validation of a platform that meets the expectations of the business

Based on a set of specifications, Audaxis made recommendations and built the platform, based on Drupal technology, used as CMS of unique content. The “Group Customer Journeys” was then deployed by entity according to an agreed roadmap, depending on business priorities. Thereafter, regular changes were made at the heart of the system. Meanwhile, the integration part has been refined continuously.

The test scenarios were defined with end users, who then participated in their implementation. This made it possible to appropriate the tool under development and to limit the training needs.


The platform measures customer journeys and makes it possible to construct a conversion funnel according to the user experience. Among the advantages of the unique system in place we can cite:

  • Its extensibility: it allows to add modules, notably concerning payment, authentification, security. They are deployed at the core level to enable the various entities to benefit from it.
  • The autonomy given to the users in the definition of their offers, and the gain of flexibility in the management of the contents, the control of their digital publications …
  • The reuse of certain functionalities or contents by logical connections: new data are exposed to third-party systems, decision trees or event sequences are constructed according to open schemes (reuse and enrichment of the scheme, definition of new data layers, etc.)

This new platform aims to facilitate the integration of offers. The operation which took 3 days in the previous version, takes only 2 hours now with the solution proposed by Audaxis. Optimizing publication time significantly reduces deployment costs and increases the productivity of the marketing department.


The group sees a balance and complementarity between paper and digital ways of buying. This implies a transformation of the company in order to accompany this transition and to provide quality and diversified content.

Rossel lives an exciting and uncertain challenge. Everyone in the company must take an interest in the digital transformation and can be the observer of the "homo digital", its behaviors and its interactions with the brands of the group and the services it offers.