Consulting Services

Business Analysis

During the last 20 years within several companies, the Maintenance development IT cost is increasing, it is a reality!

The main reason of this increasing is:

  • The lack of Requirement Analysis included the needs of the business.
  • The lack of Testing on the presence of these requirements in the solution presented at the business. The goal of this Testing is to be sure that the requirements requested by the business are contained in the final application build by the IT.

The main objectives of our Business & Functional Analyst are:

  • Build a correct description of the requirements and the needs of the business and validated by the business.
  • The good transfer of this Requirement description to the solution builder.
  • Check that all requirements are presented in this solution.

To reach these objectives our consultants use our different methodology and certification: Agile, Prince2, BCS, BPM, UML, ISTQB & CBAP.

Thanks to the experience and to the domains knowledge of our analysts, our different clients see their Maintenance development IT cost decrease directly after our intervention!

Digital Strategy

Today, to differentiate itself from its competitors,requires effective and impactful digital strategy. Why ? To have results ! Develop a strategy for your business require understand your clients, your business' goals, your market, your competitors...

Our consultants assist you in setting up your web strategy :

  • Definition of your goals
  • Identify your target audience
  • Create your key message
  • Choose the best communication channels
  • Editorial strategy
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • ...

Our experience and the use of market-leader tools allow to develop with your team a perform branding who answer to your goals business.


Today’s IT landscape offers so many choices that it may seem overwhelming – in fact it actually is!

Many different options are possible when designing new systems or applications. And among these many, quite a few may end up being poor, as they lead to not sustainable, not future-ready, not scalable, or just inadequate and expensive setups.

Contraste’s architects will work with your teams and help make the right decisions about how a new system or application is created :

  • They are trained in analysing requirements and translating into technical options.
  • They have created an extensive understanding of what the industry is able to offer.
  • They have the right methods to ensure appropriate choices and well adapted communication.

Whether you need advice on enterprise architecture level, or a complement to your teams for designing specific solution architectures, our consultants are able to help you in a pragmatic and efficient way.

Process & Service Improvement

Our Consultants help you improve IT processes and service organisations. Rooted in the CobIT ® framework, and leveraging widely accepted standards and best practices, our services help your IT organisation deliver visible, rapid and sustainable benefits for both users and IT departments.

  • Process improvement assess the processes and their maturity, and propose quick fixes and structural improvements.
  • Cost improvement analyses the project portfolio, internal and external spending, and proposes optimization and cost reduction initiatives.
  • Service Catalogue and Service Level Agreements are set up as a key component of Business and IT Alignment.
  • Risk Management assesses IT-related risk factors and proposes mitigation plans.

Service Management

Our IT Service Management services focuses on the effective execution of IT services and projects. Based on industry-recognized frameworks and methods, such as ITIL or Prince2, these services make sure that operations run as expected and planned.

  • Program & Project management covers all tasks related to leading projects, managing deadlines and deliverables or services, communicating information, managing a budget and managing people.     
  • Service process design & optimization evaluates the efficiency and maturity of the service processes in place and develops an improvement plan.
  • Service Integration takes care of coordinating all external and internal service providers and managing their respective services, in order to meet all business requirements.
  • Quality Assurance covers all actions aimed at guaranteeing the quality of the deliverables or services being produced.

Change Management

Contraste's consultants have the right skills and experience to help you transition individuals, teams, organisations, processes and systems to a desired future state, and to ensure the expected benefits are reached by a sustainable adoption.

Organizational change is a structured approach for ensuring that changes are smoothly and successfully implemented to achieve lasting benefits. This ensures that all involved share the common desire to change from the current state.

Social Networks

Social networks are now essential to reach as many customers. They have become communication media in itself. Each network must have its content strategy, its target public, its performance indicators...

Our consultants assist you in defining your branding while remaining within the ecosystem of your digital strategy.

We can also manage all the community management of your business.