Corporate Citizenship

Our vision is to restore the forests that have been destroyed as well as raise awareness and support research around large-scale sustainable reforestation as a solution for global warming. Our aim is to have a tree planted for every act of consumption.

WeForest is an independent, international NGO with a headquarter in Belgium and a charity in the US, currently active in 8 countries. We are committed to the highest standards of transparency and are member of the UN Global Compact.

There are 39 million square kilometers of degraded farmland in the world today. Reforesting just over half, using permaculture techniques, would create an additional 2% cloud cover over our precious planet Earth. The planet needs 2 trillion trees additional by 2020: If we planted just 50% of this, the other 1 trillion trees would naturally self-regenerate if protected from grazing and logging. It’s only about 352 trees per person to fund the planting of 80% of these 1 trillion trees, if only 8% of the 7.1 billion people on the planet plant 352 trees we will.

WeForest encourages companies to ‘do WELL whilst doing GOOD’ by incorporating the planting of trees into their day to day business to help re-plant the world’s forests. This idea has proved popular for a number of reasons. Our offering enables companies to have a measurable positive environmental impact and also can be used to engage employees, reward customers and promote their brand.