Events & Communications

Competence Centers

The Group Companies act as competence centers, building up knowledge and experience in selected domains.

This knowledge and experience can than be accessed and leveraged by the Group’s companies, to the benefit of its clients and their projects.

Members of the Contraste Network are constantly coached and assisted in making the best use of this mechanism.

At the heart of Contraste’s value proposition is the pragmatic expertise of its people. The Competence Centre Network keeps it up-to-date.


4TMs (pronounce “for-tee-emz”) are monthly meetings where Contraste’s teams gather and share experience.

Usually a member of the team gives a presentation about a technology, a project experience, a methodology, or any topic that helps grow the common professional competencies.

4TMs allow us to reach many objectives in one shot:

  • Work on presentation and language skills, and get to be known by peers.
  • Learn about technologies, experiences, methodologies.
  • Create an opportunity to meet and know each other, and keep the community alive across client projects.

The formal part is followed by a more informal gathering, offering plenty of space for sharing and networking.


A series of events allows Contraste’s consultants, engineers, project managers, architects to stay in close contact with the company’s life :

  • Updates on the company’s strategy, its marketing initiatives, its business successes (new clients or projects) and financial performance keep all the teams aligned on how the company is performing.
  • News about projects are shared and successes are celebrated.
  • Team building also offer more informal possibilities to relax and network, around sport or open-air activities.

These are just examples how Contraste cares about its Community.

The DNA of Contraste is all about developing its teams and people.


Beside social events, a number of means to communicate with our teams :

  • A Welcome Package helps new recruits to quickly feel at home with Contraste. It includesa broad range of information about the company, its service portfolio, and its working habits.
  • Bi-monthly publication “Edito”, with articles about new business, new recruits, pictures and summaries of last 4TMs and other events (see above), professional articles on technologies, methodologies, project experience, and more.
  • An intranet is offering a range of services (forms, information, …) to all our consultants.