Getting on board

To participate in the growth of the company, and to respond to the needs of its clients, Contraste offers a range of ICT jobs.

Contraste hires consultants, architects, analysts, developers, support engineers, helpdesk agents, system and network engineers, database specialists, project managers, service delivery managers. We’re looking both for experienced professionals and for young graduates willing to develop their skills within dynamic and motivated teams.

Getting on Board is the first step of your career at Contraste. It is a conversation where both you and Contraste will make sure that the match is there !

A team of dedicated talent developers are aware of all current and upcoming client opportunities. They will look for the right combination of knowledge, experience, reliability and behaviour, that will make sure that you, the client and Contraste will get what they are looking for.


The first quality we’re looking for is the knowledge of the professional field. We’re looking for an expert, or, depending on his seniority level, a professional striving to become an expert in his field.

This includes aspects as:

  • Technical expertise : standards, products, programming languages, operating systems, …
  • Professional tools : project Management tools, development environments, Office Automation tools, …
  • Language capabilities : although not directly related to IT, language capability determines the ability for the consultant to smoothly integrate into existing teams and environments. It is obvious that mastering the English language is a must in IT. Having sufficient command of Dutch and/or French is also a target for all our consultants.


Building a solid experience through a variety of projects and client situations is an important element in our on-boarding process.

When recruiting an IT professional, we give a lot of importance to the way that the person has handled his previous positions, the role he has played, what he has really produced and delivered. We often talk to the references that we asked you to provide.


Contraste’s value to its clients is since it’s creation the ability to deliver.

Both our client and we need to trust our teams and be sure that the promised deliverables will come in due time.

We favour people who show this ability to stay up and motivated, strive to reach the objectives, and bear co-responsibility for the effective deliverable.

  • This is especially true in times of crisis!
  • When many projects undergo one time or another
  • When unforeseen difficulties appear
  • When coordination between collaborating teams does not go well
  • When quality issues come up.

This is where we want to see our consultants showing a positive mind and keeping focused on the result.


As Contraste Europe specializes in managing people, we know from experience that the human aspects deserve a specific approach.

For us, a consultant should excel in his professional domain, but he should also present the human skills that allow him to :

  • Function within a team
  • Integrate with existing client environments
  • Be perceived by his team mates as a person with whom it is nice and instructive to collaborate.

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