Infrastructure Services

Workplace Services

With the New Way of Working (NWOW) gaining more interest every day, managing your user’s workplace becomes also more challenging. Mobile users, applications that need to be accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any device (BYOD requirements), and, above all, increased security threats are ever changing factors that require an expert service organisation.

Contraste offers One-Stop Shopping for Workplace Services, taking care of on-site Break and Fix, of all installs, moves, adds, changes and decommissioning.

Combined with our Service Desk, these offer a complete support service and allow your users to concentrate on their business rather than having to worry about their IT infrastructure.

Service Desk

Our End-User Support and Service Desk manages the dialogue between user and the IT organization. We provide a single point of contact where users find the right answers to their questions or problems.

Our approach is based on ITIL, CoBIT and the best practices built over the years and in many successful projects. This includes

  • Incident, Event and Problem Management
  • Change Management and
  • Release and Configuration Management

To ensure that the service consistently meets user expectations, these services are governed by Service Level Agreements (SLA), and measured against a set of predetermined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Goal Indicators (KGI).

By specially emphasizing knowledge transfer and business understanding, Contraste’s Service Desk also offers effective request management, as well as how-to-use assistance.

Infrastructure Management

Contraste's Infrastructure Management Services include all services related to the set-up, evolution, management and support of IT infrastructure components, hardware, software, private and public cloud, and networks.

These services organise and structure all items, their documentation, interactions, and changes. These services are typically delivered within a SLA-based contract.

More specifically, this includes Design and Planning, Deployment, Operations, Migrations and Evolutions of the various infrastructure components.

On-Premise Operations

Availability and scalability are the two key requirements for an IT infrastructure. If they are not properly managed, their impact on your budget can be significant.

In addition, IT infrastructures are not always ready to face today’s challenges. Full operational security, energy efficiency, continuous operations, just to name a few, can be difficult to achieve without proper advice. Going through the wide array of possible technical choices needs experience and responsibility.

Our consultants will guide you through the process of translating needs and requirements into an IT infrastructure roadmap, and work with you on implementing it.

Contraste’s engineering teams can operate your infrastructure, monitor it, manage backups and security tasks, and ensure the necessary updates and migrations.

Cloud Operations

Managing and operating a cloud-based infrastructure, whether it is a Private Cloud, a Public Cloud or a Hybrid Model, requires specific skills and methods which may be today outside the reach of your infrastructure teams.

Contraste will set up the processes and agreements (SLAs) for you, and will operate the cloud-based infrastructure on your behalf: provisioning, changes, scheduling, backups, troubleshooting and ticketing, and even disaster recovery testing.

We operate out of our own offices, with our proven tools and frameworks, so that you can fully concentrate on your projects and your users.

Our service catalogue is designed to give you the full control and the visibility on performance and costs, and avoids you the time and expense of a steep learning curve.