Service Delivery Models

Contraste has developed a flexible and agile approach to deliver its IT services in accordance to the specific situations and expectations of its clients. We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability able to adapt our services to the sourcing models you need.


Service Level Bases

At the heart of the group’s competencies lies it's in depth knowledge of service level management. Not only does this allow to make the commitments client's needs, but it does, moreover, allow Contraste to assist their clients on their journey towards mature outsourcing arrangements. Contraste works together with the client’s staff in this evolution.

Engagements are governed by agreed upon, and committed, service levels. You can rely on these service levels all the way through the project. The project's governance includes the close monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Goal Indicators (KGI).

Fixed Price

Our development teams are prepared to take the complete responsibility for a project, and deliver it against an agreed price and within an agreed timing.

Mostly in the domain of application development, fixed price engagements are helpful when you know exactly what needs to be realised, and (mostly) all specifications are well known. The development will then mostly happen in what is known as the waterfall approach.

When specifications are less clear, or when the project undergoes frequent reorientations or changes, or when apps need to be shipped as quickly as possible, we recommend using more adapted approaches such as the agile software development. Note they can also be combined with fixed price commitments.


We host application development teams that support your continued stream of new development needs. Our facilities, located within short distances to your own offices, are designed to host development organisations in the most efficient manner. Typically, our software development factory takes the full responsibility for the production and/or maintenance of application software. Work packages are delivered fully tested, against fixed and agreed timelines and costs.

Our factory takes care of maintaining its own development and testing environment, which can obviously be tuned to specific client requirements.

Capacity Models

We also offer intermediate delivery models called “Capacity Models” that allow you to benefit from the agility in staffing needs with on-boarding and follow-up services. Once capacities have been agreed, we make sure you always have access to the expertise you need to successfully execute your projects.

Flex Sourcing

The smart sourcing service aims at providing you a flexible access to a pool of IT professionals, and guarantees quick on-boarding. In this service, we build a pool of IT professionals which you can activate in a flexible manner, when needed.

Moreover, we handle completely the selection and on-boarding process. This frees your managers' time and allows them to concentrate on the project. We maintain a knowledge base that contains all the information needed to brief the newly assigned professional.

Time & Material

If you chose to do so, we provide experts that can complement your own teams. In this sourcing model, you keep the final responsibility for your projects, Contraste providing the specific skills you may be missing.