Solution services

Open Source ERP

Giving preference to an Open Source ERP solution rather than standard software, provides you with an open tool that takes your own specificities into account and integrates existing tools while protecting your investments.

Contraste, through its subsidiary Audaxis, has been deploying open source ERP for more than 15 years. As the main integrator of the Compiere solution, our experience covers SMB looking for flexibility or autonomy, as well as major accounts for the development of applications that integrate with group solutions, or else innovative start-ups looking for agility.

Every year you are facing new expectations from your Customers, leading you to develop finely adjusted multi-channel strategies. Renowned as a robust and adaptive Open Source ERP, Compiere helps you focussing on the Customer.

Compiere’s flexibility allows for deploying a ERP that is fully adapted to your specific business processes. All possibilities exist for configuring sales networks. Compiere allows for easy interfacing with any kind of external application: e-commerce sites, logistics or business applications.

Cloud ERP

NetSuite is the 100% Cloud ERP solution from Oracle for Mid-Market, designed for supporting companies with their transformation in an ever-accelerating economic and digital context.

Are you looking for a dependable ERP that evolves and adapts to a constantly changing business environment ? Are you seeking swift deployment of a tool that pledges full support for mobility, growth and evolution, with IT cost in control ? With our Cloud ERP, we let you benefit from the advantages of a complete, modern and intuitive management solution, whilst fully externalizing the management and the maintenance of the required IT infrastructure.

Netsuite allows for managing the full set of corporate activities from a unique platform, thanks to integrated CRM, ERP and e-commerce functions. Being a very intuitive solution, NetSuite offers customized indicators that guide users in their everyday tasks.

Available on any platform, anywhere, anytime, NetSuite and its cloud model comes useful to organizations requiring a system that brings agility, scalability and performance, all necessary features for supporting their development, in particular at international level.

Our approach targets short deployment times, based on standard modules, allowing you to benefit rapidly from the power of NetSuite.

CMS & e-Commerce

Are you sponsoring a complex web project ? Do you wish to develop a e-commerce solution that fully integrates with your production and management systems ? We create for you the tools for your digital transformation.

DRUPAL is our recommended CMS for your project. Thanks to its rich functionality and flexibility, this open source CMS allows for easy management of all possible content types on your sites. Used by major corporations and organizations such as EDF, Véolia, Nestlé, DRUPAL differentiates from other CMS by its first-class stability, security and quality on very-high-traffic sites.

Today, it sets the standard for professional content management solutions, with one of the largest open source communities in the world, that cares for keeping DRUPAL at the cutting edge of web and mobile technologies.

Drupal Commerce, based on Drupal CMS, is a full e-commerce platform that allows your organization to expand to new markets and to evolve to a multi-faceted digital model. Drupal Commerce supports the design of any kind of e-commerce site, whether B2C, B2B or B2B2C.

What kind of e-commerce will you adopt today ? How should this model evolve tomorrow ?

Contraste understands that acceleration of business cycles and disruption of well-established markets are calling for more flexibility, so that organizations can adapt more rapidly to the new emerging business models.

Drupal Commerce allows you to anticipate future models of on-line sales. The platform offers the power of a proven content management solution, combined with mature e-commerce functions.

Product Information Management (PIM)

You need to sell and communicate on various distribution channels, countries and languages, to automate and contextualize catalog publishing, to reduce your time-to-market ? Contraste has selected the PIM (Product Information Management) solution from MaPS System that allows you to centralize, organize and publish your data within a unique, connected repository.

As an all-in-one solution, MaPS System integrates the management of business data (MDM), product information (PIM), digital resources (DAM), workflows (BPM), and multiple communication channels (paper, web, marketplaces, mobile, point of sales, …).

MaPS acts a relay between the ERP and e-commerce. Thanks to the quality and the robustness of data, guaranteed by the PIM, our clients benefit from the consistency of their data throughout all sales channels.

With MaPs, Contraste helps organizations to control their strategic and operational data, improve their global efficiency, and optimize their multi-channel marketing.

Data Intelligence

You wish to collect, streamline and improve the quality of your data, in order to get the most benefit ? You need efficient dashboards for optimal steering of your company ? Our consultants bring you their expertise to have your data become part of your strategic thinking.

Contraste, through its subsidiary Audaxis, is since several years ago the official partner of Talend and Tibco Jaspersoft software publishers.

Talend is the market leader of Open Source integration and data governance solutions. ETL, MDM, Big Data, ESB, Data Quality, Cloud: through one unique interface, you can improve the quality of your data, facilitate the integration of data coming from multiple sources, facilitate application integration.

Strategic, tactical and operational steering of an entreprise, requires a perfect, real-time visibility on its situation. Jaspersoft is today the most used Open Source Business Intelligence platform worldwide, thanks to its flexible architecture and its comprehensive functionalities for reporting, dashboards, ad-hoc queries and OLAP analyses.

With more than 20 years of experience in projects involving data integration and analysis, be it in ERP, the Press or the Web, we master all subtleties of data management from heterogeneous environments.