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We strongly advocate agile software development, as it greatly helps aligning the delivered applications with the real business needs. It helps producing higher quality, and usually shortens the time to market significantly.

The need to scale Agility is real: no fake feeling! You need to scale Agility as soon as multiple teams contribute to a project, as soon as you need to integrate their work to build the features which were requested.

Having said that does not mean that standard agile methods cannot be used in such contexts. Only, you will need a bit of creativity to organize the coordination and synchronization between the teams in the simplest manner that fits your organization (keep in mind what the Agile Manifesto says about simplicity).

To help, we’re presenting SAM (Scaled Agility Model) – read more by following this link (

USIxml and UI frameworks

UsiXML which stands for User Interface eXtensible Mark-up Language.
This interface description language:
  • is able to take account of the issues of information systems while facilitating interoperability, reusability and maintenance of interactive applications;
  • aims to specify new models to get the necessary knowledge for complex applications (including, actors models, mission, roles) .
  • aims to develop a flexible design approach that can adapt to different environments and different applications.
With this language we can provide a customized solution taking into account the specific features of your project .

Agile Development Support

The Contraste development factory is a template driven fast development environment setup. Enabling developers to start developing fast in conditions equal to the delivery environment.

Our professional consultants prepare the project based on well defined templates for project intake.

Ones the intake is done pre defined virtual machines will provide the developers both a development environment equal to the delivery environment as project environment for documentation and source versioning.

Developers can be added easily to the project because it only takes a simple copy of the development virtual machine to have a complete environment setup.

Due to devops and Agile/Scrum techniques fast development and delivery is guarantied.

Contraste’s experienced team will do the final testing to guarantee high product quality.

DevOps Data Support

Contraste provides a suite of enterprise software that covers the most valuable asset of a company, it's data.  The suite does this twofold.  

First the Virtualization Engine radically improves the delivery of data in databases, application files and file systems both on-premise and in the cloud. By simply and easiley delivering the right data to the right team at the right time, Delphix helps your company to release applications 20-50% faster.  

Second the Masking Engine is software that installs in your on-premise or off-site data center or in a public or private cloud environment.  It replaces sensitive data with a fictious equivalent that can be used for development, testing and analytics without risk of exposing the original data to a breach. 

All this makes it possible for Devops teams and agile businesses to deliver faster and better tested applications based on the secure data management platform that is delivered by Delphix.


If you’re since a long time in IT the following statements must sound familiar to you.

  • You want to digitalize your applications.
  • Your application needs to be available through the internet and you don’t want to redevelop the complex application code.
  • Your operating system or development language became obsolete.
  • Your application runs on a hardware that became obsolete.
  • You want to migrate from an Index-Sequential file system to an SQL Database but do not want to redevelop the full application.

Imagine you could solve these issues by reusing the maximum of your existing code and finish the project in a short time.

With our Application Replatforming service we help you in tackling these issues. After an assessment of your current application we will make you a detailed project plan with timings and costs, resulting in new application ready for the digital world.

We use state of the art migration tools, like Anubex, allowing you to migrate at a lower cost than in case of a full rewrite. Because of lacking documentation of the existing programs or functional knowledge of the application by replatforming we reduce strongly the risk for missing or wrong functionalities of the migrated application.

On an average 90% of the existing code is recycled using these code transformation tools. The remaining 10% is linked to the new Operating system, Program Language of Database. At Contraste we specialized in the integration of applications, giving us a strong knowledge and experience in mastering these 10%.

Such a migration also reduces the risk of bugs or long running projects. We manage your project end-to-end and perform the necessary testing to ensure a smooth migration and allowing you to keep your focus on your business.

Maturity Models (Agile, BA, Digital)

Where your company does is in the digital? How is it perceived by your customers? Our maturity model will allow us to evaluate your digital presence and help you later on the way to your new digital maturity.

Analyzing your maturity model allows us to:

  • define your digital strategy
  • assess your abilities to you transofrmer
  • to provide a digital action plan adapted to your needs

Will you be a beginner, a fashionista, a conservator or a digital master?


Contraste has materialised its experience by gradually incorporating it into ACSIS®, a comprehensive methodology that integrates best practices and lessons learned.

ACSIS, which stands for Aligned Compliant & Streamlined Information Systems, is based on the hands-on experience that Contraste has gathered in applying industry standard frameworks like CobIT, ITIL, ISO 20000 , BiSL, CMMI, Prince2, Six Sigma and last but not least, the Balanced Scorecard. This allows Contraste to pragmatically use the most adequate components from each methodology, matching the context, objectives and requirements of your project.