Data Intelligence


Using your data to boost your competitiveness.

What challenges is your company facing in data management?

Ensuring the quality, consistency, and security of your data so you can provide real-time, relevant information for decision-making. That’s what you are aiming for. 

Automating data flows between my IT systems

Automating data flows between my IT systems

  • Optimising the communication of shared data between different applications, with ETL, API type solutions and micro-services.
  • Managing continuous data streams in order, in particular, to offer a bespoke service to my clients, adapt my services and control fraud.
Tapping into the value of the data held by my company

Tapping into the value of the data held by my company

  • Taking advantage of the multitude of data existing within my information system through dynamic visualisation and analytical tools.
  • Using my data to support decision-making, whether at the level of management, work processes or business strategy.
Establishing better data governance

Establishing better data governance

  • Defining the optimal architecture for the management of my data in order to ensure their quality, optimise access management and protect sensitive data.
  • Putting in place compliance standards in order to comply with laws and regulations in force.

Data management specialists to take advantage of your data.

Designing a powerful data architecture that exploits the information available is the strength of our data management consultants. Discover how Contraste Europe can help you with the services of data intelligence experts.