Diversifying your sales channels in response to new consumption patterns is one of your biggest concerns. Whether you are a chain of specialised stores, a network of franchisees or a distributor, Contraste can help you enhance customer loyalty by facilitating their access to your products and services at any time thanks to the expanded store concept or innovative new services.

Your physical or virtual stores are all resources that multiply your sales, but need to be coordinated and synchronised. The performance of your customer service and your profitability are dependent on the synchronisation of your online sales with your network of sales outlets and even your logistics. In this omnichannel environment, the full integration of data and applications will improve the quality of both your services and your decision-making.

Today, your customers expect increasingly personalised offerings. We help you meet this challenge thanks to advanced analytical and targeting tools and by putting in place modern business management and website design solutions.

Over the last twenty years, Contraste has continuously adapted its services to the new kinds of consumption driven by e-commerce and mobility. Openness and flexibility are now two factors in ensuring the long-term sustainability of an information system.

Discover Contraste’s range of services for the retail sector. We help you to explore new markets and offer a true multichannel experience to your customers :

  • ERP system to manage your multichannel sales
  • ERP integrated e-commerce site
  • Web-to-store, Click and Collect, etc.
  • Customer relationship management and retention
  • Restocking optimisation
  • Cross-sectional view of stocks across the whole of the network
  • Automated warehouse management
  • Connection with logistics service providers
  • Company site with a product catalogue centralised and contextualised by country
  • B2B customer portal
  • Innovative services platform
  • Optimisation of the customer journey
  • Mobile application for warehouse management
  • Analysis of sales and customer behaviour, sales forecasts