Contraste Europe has been supporting banks and insurance companies in their technological modernisation for 25 years. We work in particular with the 5 largest Belgian banks.

Account opening, loan applications and the calculation of premiums are operations that can nowadays be completed with just a few clicks on a smartphone. Trust, previously attached to local institutions, is now based on new criteria, such as ease of access to services or an innovative approach. The opening of the markets and the emergence of pure players have encouraged traditional institutions to rethink and enhance their business models to remain trusted partners for their customers.

Banks are multiplying new online services. Open banking interfaces, digital signatures, customer identification and services are areas in which Contraste supports its clients, by collaborating in particular with Connective. We also help them to roll out innovative solutions to respond to tomorrow’s challenges, such as virtual currencies, blockchain and the cloud.

Insurance companies want to optimise their communication with brokers and end customers. Contraste helps them to develop tools to monitor their broker networks, enhance their loyalty and recruit new partners. To promote responsiveness, we facilitate communication with end customers thanks to online and mobile applications. The rapidly developing Internet of Things (IoT) should help the sector to reinvent itself, with new services and sophisticated risk modelling.

Our operational and technical experts support your teams in many areas :

  • Business analysts, experts in areas such as lending, risk management, payments, etc.
  • Optimisation of processes as part of a reorganisation
  • Advice on technical and application architecture
  • Cloud transition support
  • Process digitalisation
  • Link with blockchain, storage of documents in blockchain
  • Management of projects for the deployment of business and enterprise solutions
  • Implementation of “itsme” solutions, Connective
  • Entreprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Open Banking API
  • Connection of core banking and core insurance applications with other applications
  • Availability of developers specialising in the financial sector
  • Development of tailor-made, web and mobile applications
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Customer journey and cross-selling
  • IoT projects and creation of new services in the insurance sector
  • Compliance with standards and updating of processes and tools (GDPR, etc.)
  • Data Governance, Data Science and Data Architecture
  • Third party maintenance for solutions such as Drupal, etc.
  • Etc.