IT Procurement

Service Advisory IT procurement

Manage and optimize your supplier relation.

Selecting suppliers and organizing the contractual relation for an optimal return, involving the right stakeholders in you organization for securing a buy-in of the decisions, are among the toughest challenges faced by IT Managers.

Ever-changing technology and business neds, functional vs performance requirements, managing the suppliers risks, enabling agility in your infrastructure and applications, keeping control on costs, setting up efficient contracts, managing procurement procedures from RFP (Requests For Proposals) to delivery, are just some of the many aspects of the complexity of the job.

Contraste Europe has a long-standing experience carrying out procurement missions for large organizations, such as : managing a RFP process from initial analysis all the way through to awarding suppliers, setting up structured project or service contracts, defining SLA and penalty schemes, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, and more.

RFP Management

What needs to be included in an RFP ? How to identify possible suppliers ? What are the applicable rules & regulations ? The RFP Process must be performed in several steps, at different levels and must be lanaged rigorously.

Our senior experts will assist you at each step of the process including initial definition of the scope of the service to be procured, leading workshops to define need, budgetary constraints, applicable rules & regulations, writing and assembling the RFP, validating supplier proposals, ...

Supplier contracting process

Meeting respective obligations in any procurement relationship is essential. Contraste Europe have experienced collaborators, ready to help your company in its supplier contracting process. They can assist you for scoping your contracts and stick to the schedule for reaching to timely signature, and include, among others, identifying supplier risks, defining a structure for the contract & discussing with suppliers.

As an example of our expertise : we have been awarded by a major University for handling all their IT-related Request for Proposals and Contracts for a period of 4 years.

IT Cost / Efficiency Analysis

Our experts will analyse your current IT infrastructure, applications and services, and advise on ways to improve the level and quality of your services, and reduce of have a better vision/control on your costs.

Some practices include : analysis of the lifecycle of infrastructure & applications, planning of foreseable expenses, calculation of a TCO, analysis of acquisition vs leasing vs cloud approached (LaaS/PaaS/SaaS) ...

C-Level Procurement Advisory

Our experts can advise C-Level Managers in your organization on best practices and insights for an enhanced procurement policy.

Various formats are possible : 1to1 exchange of views, presentation of concepts and approaches, reports, market surveys, ...

We will adapt to your current decision process and bring you the best of our experience.