Cloud Consulting

cloud consulting services TDJ

Migrating and deploying your applications in the cloud.

Reliable, secure and rapid.

L'infrastructure est au coeur de toute transformation digitale. Un des challenges est de trouver des solutions simples, performantes et qui offrent une sécurité des données optimales. Le Cloud est la réponse aux besoins évolutifs de ces entreprises d'aujourd'hui et de demain, désireuses de rendre leur business " digital ".

En tant que partenaire de Microsoft et Amazon, TDJ vous accompagne tout au long de votre chemin vers le Cloud. Nos architectes et ingénieurs certifiés vous aideront à tirer toute la valeur ajoutée des Clouds Azure ou AWS : 

  • Réduction de coûts (TCO)
  • Agilité
  • Fiabilité, disponibilité & sécurité
  • Services à la demande et payable à la consommation
  • Ressources illimitées
  • Services à haute valeur ajoutée (IoT, BI, AI, Machine Learning, ...)


TDJ provides advisory services covering strategic, tactical and operational aspects: 

  • Strategic plan 
  • Business case 
  • Architecture & Design 
  • Evaluation 
  • Cost optimisation 
  • Project/Program Management 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

By moving your application environments to AWS or Azure, TDJ helps you to considerably reduce your costs and generate added value for your business.

The cloud’s IaaS components enable you to rapidly move your servers as they are without having to reinstall your application components.

Platform As A Service (PaaS)

The PaaS components will enable you to directly access cloud services without bothering about the lowest layers. You can for example deploy an SQL, Web IIS, Drupal or Wordpress instance in a matter of minutes without having to install the server, backup or other components. These services natively integrate high availability, backup, auto-scaling, enhanced security and regular updates. TDJ has developed considerable expertise in these PaaS services to support its clients in their migration or deployment project.

Backup & DR As A Service

How do you plan to ensure availability and maintain the confidence of your customers and your brand reputation in the event of an IT problem?

TDJ has developed a specific service offering to support its clients in making backups or creating a disaster recovery centre in the cloud.

These services have numerous advantages, such as:

  • Significant cost reductions
  • The continuity of your data à you no longer need to worry about how to recover a backup made five years ago after a change of technology
  • A true recovery centre a few hundred km away in an autonomous environment
  • The possibility to carry out “virtual” recovery tests in the event of a failure

Managed Service

Thanks to its Service Operations Centre and its strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon, TDJ provides you with cloud resources and can manage them with 24/7 surveillance.

Beyond cloud resources, TDJ has expertise in OS layers and middleware to manage all of your infrastructure services to free you of these constraints and enable you to concentrate on your business and business applications.

Thanks to next-generation tools, a high level of automation and an innovative approach, TDJ can offer extremely competitive prices combined with a flexible, high-quality service.