Service Operation Center

service operation center TDJ

Reliability, Security, Cost Savings.

The explosive increase in the amount of data and the importance now attached to social, mobile and geographical factors have added levels of complexity to operations management.

The way to ensure the reliability and security of your information system today is to outsource its management. TDJ proactively monitors the quality of key services and provides you with round-the- clock support, with at the same time significant cost savings.

TDJ provides you with a next generation Service Operations Center. Our aim is to provide you with a consolidated view of all of your systems with modern, innovative tools.

Automation is a core element of our services and we use next generation tools, such as artificial intelligence, API-driven solutions and proactive monitoring to ensure that you receive a high-quality service.

Cloud Solutions & Infrastructure

Our Service Operations Center manages your solutions and infrastructures in the cloud. We take over your complex tasks and you optimise your costs.

Our services, which include maintenance, proactive monitoring and managing performance, security (anti-virus, patches), backups, incidents and automation, are designed to ensure your business continuity under all circumstances.

OS, Middleware & Database

The monitoring, maintenance and support of your operating systems, middleware and databases require cutting-edge expertise and a dynamic team in order to maintain a high level of performance. Whether or not you have an IT team, TDJ’s Service Operations Center supports you in managing backups, incidents and putting in place the necessary security measures for these critical layers of your information system.

Devices & End Users support

Your employees are also users of increasingly sophisticated IT tools. TDJ’s Service Operations Center enables you to ensure the continuity of their activities thanks to a comprehensive range of services for your users.