Data Architecture and Analytics

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Transforming data into strategic information.

To extract the most relevant information from your data, you need to develop an efficient architecture and tools. Your business also needs solutions that are ergonomic, rapid and secure to view and analyse this information.

With Business Intelligence, Data Mining and Advanced Analytics, Contraste will assist you in generating essential information for decision-making purposes. This sometimes requires several intermediary phases : Data Architecture, Data Modelling and Data Integration.

We select the most suitable techniques for your environment. For example, we deploy relational databases, NoSQL or BigData. The infrastructure can be on-site or cloud based.

Data Architecture

Within your information system, you need to understand all data related elements: applications, databases, roles, secure access, access to heterogeneous or geographically uneven data, etc. 

The objective of the data architecture is to meet requirements specific to the storage of your data and to design physical structures for recording data. 

It is sometimes necessary to establish an Enterprise Data Model for the company, even a logic model for a specific area. 

When a company wants to analyse this data architecture in greater depth, it is also possible to carry out a more comprehensive analysis. This is covered by Data Governance. 

Data Modelling

Data modelling is the process that consists in defining precisely the structure and relations between the different types of data. This data model is either established to document the existing situation, but more generally to implement the model required by the business. The objective may, for example, to develop a business intelligence tool, but also to provide a single data source. 

Data modelling enables a company to understand its data assets. It is a very formal process that uses specific IT tools to document the data model. 

Contraste assists you during the various discovery, analysis and the requirements definition phases, for the purpose of describing data models. 

Data Integration

Within your company, data are stored in multiple systems and in different formats. To put in place a data model, you need to construct a specific data storage solution on the basis of existing data structures. 

Contraste Europe provides you with its Talend expertise (Talend is a leading open source data integration solution). Thanks to ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), we can extract your data from various systems, transform them and load them into a new database. The data is consolidated using batch or stream processing, depending on whether or not you need real-time information. 

Business Intelligence

Today, your employees want to design, configure and deploy their own reports and decision-making dashboards in a matter of minutes. They need to be able to access consolidated and analysed information in real time without needing to involve the IT department. 

Contraste proposes operational reporting, multi-dimensional analysis, advanced analytics and data mining solutions. Today we work alongside companies that have to deal with a large number of data sources and want to have at their disposal analytical and interpretation tools for complex information.