Intelligent Services

Expertise intelligent services TDJ

Making the most of the high value-added components of Cloud solutions.

Intelligent services are constructed using the high value-added components of the various Cloud solutions, with a serverless approach. These services meet business needs of making your organisation more efficient and more competitive, thanks to improved collection, understanding and interpretation of your data and/or by simply making your processes more intelligent !

TDJ’s teams are at your service, on the one hand to assist you in collecting, processing and interpreting your data and, on the other hand, to improve and robotise your “call centre” type processes.


TDJ deploys and/or integrates your IoT components in the different cloud-native IoT services.
The IoT technologies currently supported by TDJ are the different Microsoft Azure components, such as IoT Hub, IoT Edge, Azure Stream Analytics, etc.
On this basis, TDJ generates alarms, alerts or dashboards. The data may also be interpreted by our BI services.


Collecting, consolidating, integrating, understanding and interpreting data from several data sources and then presenting them in the form or a dynamic report or dashboards.

Thanks to Microsoft’s native components such as SQL Server, Event Hub, Stream Analytics and Power BI, TDJ enables you to better monitor or understand your data and improve your business processes.

Intelligent Service Desk / Hotline

To make your Service Desk or your Call Centre more efficient, more automated, TDJ has developed a range of high value-added services based on Amazon components, such as AWS Connect (customer call centre), API Gateway (creation of personalised API), Amazon Poly (transformation of text into realistic words), etc.

TDJ assists you in preparing a roadmap to cut costs and improve the performance and quality of your Call Centre.