Application Integration

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Go data driven! We help you interacting with your existing systems.

A data-driven company today needs to ensure that all of its IT systems interact : ERP, business applications, databases, e-commerce sites, etc. Moreover, it must also be efficiently connected to the platforms of partners and open data systems.

Through the use of various application integration techniques, Contraste Europe assists you in putting in place the architecture that suits your needs. We offer analytical, architectural design, integration services development and support services. The objective is to ensure that you have a fully interconnected information system, to enable you to make better use of data.

Application Integration Models

Contraste has expertise in all integration models: Point-to-Point (an application communicates directly with the others), Publish Subscribe (an application communicates with an indeterminate number of applications), Hub and Spoke (the “hub” centralises the data required by other applications).

We implement synchronous web service calls or queuing techniques or live streaming. The information transferred to/from different parties may be data-driven, events-driven, etc. The interaction protocol may be managed by the web services or message-driven. The means of deploying your solution may be on-site, cloud based or even Serverless.

Application Coupling

When there is a need for integration with an existing application, it is sometimes preferable to decouple the interaction to this application.

As regards the access method, it is preferable to expose an API using a standard JSON Rest standard to mask integration by a proprietary API. As regards the data format, it is preferable to introduce a canonical data model in order to decouple the caller from the structure imposed by the called application.

Development standards

We propose to put in place not only development standard, but also the integration services documentation.

Depending on your needs, we will preferably propose a design-first approach in which the requirements documentation will be used for the development.


We insist on the use of a CI/CD infrastructure to automate the process: development, unit tests, automated publishing and automated deployment in different environments, while respecting the Q/A processes, integration tests and supervision.


We comply with deployment standards. We can propose a deployment on-site, in the cloud, on a bare metal server or a virtual server.