At a time of hospital consolidation and healthcare specialisation, the healthcare sector is reviewing its positioning, working on its visibility and developing new online services. The digitalisation of the patient journey is a major focus of this transformation process, but is being accompanied by increased protection of sensitive data, made fundamental by the GDPR.

Contraste places interaction and personalisation at the heart of the solutions developed for patients, who want to be involved in their follow-up care. They therefore benefit from enhanced knowledge sharing by healthcare professionals. The creation of value in this sector therefore no longer relies solely on medical treatment and devices. Contraste creates real opportunities to innovate in healthcare services and health promotion.

We support more specifically mutual insurers, key players in the healthcare sector, in the simplification of their processes and the development of online services. With the online office, patients now have full access to their records. They can also submit reimbursement claims directly from their smartphone, so that their requests are processed more rapidly, while this dematerialisation is synonymous with increased efficiency for the mutual insurer.

Contraste offers a very wide range of services for healthcare stakeholders :