“Ongoing participatory work is what allows us to keep in close touch with reality !”

Florence Feys
Communication Manager – Clinique Saint-Jean

Clinique Saint-Jean

The customer

Clinique Saint-Jean is a hospital located in the heart of Brussels, which puts the quality of the services it provides first whilst pursuing constant improvements.  With 1,400 highly specialised members of staff across 3 sites (Botanique, Méridien and Léopold I), it delivers high quality personalised care aimed at the restoration and promotion of patient health and well-being.

Clinique Saint-Jean

The project

In 2014, the hospital found that various problems existed with the institution’s web presence and communications :

  • The website was obsolete and difficult to service
  • The website was not equipped to deal with the expectations of modern-day mobile users
  • Print communications were too volatile : doctor directory, consultation times, ad hoc communications such as notifications relating to the public works in the hospital quarter, etc.
  • The hospital was facing an increasingly more competitive environment

These various findings prompted the hospital to stage a strategic reflection round and to draw up a set of specifications with a view to building a digital platform.


  • To modernise the hospital’s communications
  • To create an interactive and dynamic central platform : management of job applications, looking up information, etc.
  • To deliver the information as swiftly and as exactly as possible, to patients and the many hospital workers alike.


“We worked with Contraste Digital on an ongoing and agile basis to clarify the needs and wishes as they existed at the time when the solutions were being built on a trial basis, to arrive at a final testing phase following by roll-out. The Go Live was preceded by an in-house trial phase, which prevented unpleasant surprises after the official commissioning of the site.

Contraste Digital redefined the structure of the content and established a new information architecture. They also performed an ergonomic screening illustrated with wireframes. All of these efforts were carried out adopting a Mobile First approach.

The project was brought to fruition using the Open Source Drupal 7 CMS. We were especially pleased with Contraste Digital’s inventiveness to comply with our wishes, whilst being forced to overcome the difficulties of the ready-made modules with ultimately meant an added cost which we had not reckoned with in our cost estimate of what are Open Source solutions.

In setting up the participatory process, we looked in detail at the way the content was being written by the various departments. Obviously we also called on Contraste Digital to look at the texts so as to comply with the requirements of Webwriting.

The project dealt with our communication channels, working methods, internal processes, and set up short cycles.”

Florence Feys
Communication Manager – Clinique Saint-Jean


Today, Clinique Saint Jean has an information platform in place that enables us to communicate information to all of the hospital’s audiences, both at the physical site and on social media.

The new site allows the hospital :

  • to inform patients and visitors on the consultation times of the doctors and the various departments
  • to take appointments online with caregiver
  • to inform and communicate with doctors through a dedicated extranet
  • to communicate on social media
  • to manage all the applications received by the HR department via a back office tool
Clinique Saint-Jean


The key part of any website revamping project is to involve the right parties from the outset and to secure their support throughout the project by way of a thorough-going collaborative process.

Another major aspect relates to the agency you work with. It is vital that a relationship of trust is built based on expertise and flexibility.


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