Operational Processes

service advisory operational processes

Improving your operational processes.

All organisations need to improve their operational processes, cut unnecessary costs and improve the quality and quantity of outputs.

Proven methodologies, such as Lean 6 Sigma, applied appropriately, can help you analyse and improve your processes, thereby increasing productivity levels without undermining the quality of your client service.

The key to success, as for any operational change, is to involve your employees in the analysis and corrective/improvement actions.

Our consultants have long experience in implementing Lean 6 Sigma process improvement methods in large and complex organizations.

Introduction to the principles and benefits

Lean 6 Sigma is the result of combining two methods of improving operational processes : Lean Management and 6 Sigma.

Our consultants provide support by familiarising you with Lean 6 Sigma methods. They present practical case studies and explain what is involved in implementing this methodology : duration, costs and expected benefits.


As a prerequisite to the successful implementation of improvements it is essential to take time to think things through and fully analyse the situation. Contraste Europe analyses for you and with you all of your processes in order to identify the phases that do not provide any added value and the causes of inefficiencies.

On that basis, we put forward recommendations for short-term improvements, resulting rapidly in time savings.

Implementation of the improvements

After their analysis and recommendations, our consultants supervise the implementation of the improvements recommended for your processes. A detailed reporting system put in place enables them to measure the impact of the improvements on the quality, quantity and costs of operations.