Electronic Document Management

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Make your business paperless with EDM tools

The rapid digitalization of our world has led to and exponential growth in business data and content.
Every day your company is creating and managing massive amounts of business documents, contracts, proposals, marketing material, HR guidelines, training manuals, etc. They all play a central role in facilitating the proper functioning and overall sucess of any business.

What happens when you can't find a file in the middle of a meeting ? Do you know who created that specific document and who is allowed to modify it after all ? Are your documents protected, stored and archived on a secure location in an electronic document management ? Can you make sure that only the right people can retrieve or print them out ? Have you ever thought of going paperless and reduce the cost of paper ? Why not speeding up your document workflow by using the right software or tool ?

Assistance from paperwork to paperless

We examine your existing paper processes in your business and assist you in the transition from paperwork to paperless. We provide a seamless transition to your paperless office though project management and support. Building a design specification that meets your exact business requirements will be a priority to make a sucess of this project. From the outset, you have to get the key users involved.

Innovative document management tools deployement

Contraste identify cost savings, by providing ideas and solutions to automate and digitise your processes using the latest electronic document management (including cloud solutions), intelligent data capture, workflow and purchase to pay solutions.

Our consultants have deep knowledge of products like Alfresco, MS Sharepoint, RedHat BRMS, cloud storage solutions, ... They are trained on last releases to advice you on the great functionalities. Contraste offers also additional managed services to support your business with document scanning, archiving and storage, mail room operations such as claims or invoice processing.

Security of access management

You have to store, manage but also track electronic documents. Contraste helps you to define the roles of different users, levels of document security, access control, detailed logs of activity and automation setup. All these aspects are essential to protect your business from legal and commercial damages. You will be in line with regulation and every collaborator will use document management securely. Your document management solution will allow you to keep control on the flow of documents.