Digital workplace: How to keep the benefits of containment ?

digital workplace télétravail crise covid-19

The Covid crisis has forced the adoption or reinforcement of teleworking in organizations and the massive use of collaboration platforms, such as document sharing, calendars and video conferencing.

These tools have become, overnight, at the heart of daily activities. And both employees and managers have been able to measure their benefits and exploit their many possibilities. The results are there: productivity gains, reduced costs, a smaller environmental footprint and a more comfortable life for many people. The Microsoft 365 suite and its collaboration tools Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint, have served our customers effectively since the beginning of containment.

We now know that this crisis will significantly transform the way people work in the long term. How can you keep the best of this period of containment and ensure the future of your company when we cannot yet predict what will happen?

3 tips to consider for the future of collaborative work

After having deployed or reinforced the use of collaboration and communication platforms in an emergency, many organizations must now act to be able to look to the future with confidence.

Here are three ways to strengthen your internal organization, its reliability and resilience, to face a future that remains particularly uncertain.

outils collaboratifs télétravail

Understanding how employees see the future will allow them to think about the use and configuration of tools over the long term.

1. Review the governance related to these tools

In the urgency of containment, were you able to take into account all security aspects and ensure data consistency within a single collaborative space? Reviewing the governance of collaboration solutions is a critical step today.

  • Avoid seeing data scattered across a multitude of collaboration spaces without any guarantee of being able to rebuild a coherent and global view of the information.

  • Make sure no security breaches have occurred in the Covid-19 emergency.

  • Organize and structure collaboration spaces to enhance employee productivity.


2. Rethink the way you work

In order to take advantage of these innovative solutions, it is essential to start thinking about the changes brought about in the daily lives of employees.

  • Be attentive to the needs and problems of employees. Understanding how they see the future will allow you to think about the use and configuration of the tools over the long term.

  • Offer users support in the use of the tools, or even this new way of working.

  • Push their use further and take advantage of all their added value, sometimes hidden in unknown applications or functionalities.

travail et mobilité

Prepare their turn towards an organization of the future with new means of collaboration and communication.

3. Integrate collaborative tools with the rest of the information system

Your information system is tested to adapt to new ways of working. To ensure the coherence of the information, you must also make sure that all the connections exist to guarantee the fluidity of exchanges, the reliability of the information, and avoid any double data entry, which is often a source of errors...

  • Define a long-term application architecture that is capable of adapting to change.

  • Guarantee the availability of information in real time

  • Prepare their shift towards an organization of the future with new means of collaboration and communication.

Long-term benefits for employer AND employee!

A unique collaboration and communication platform accessible from anywhere, at any time will allow any organization to face the future with confidence, whatever the outcome of the crisis. With the Microsoft 365 solution, we help our customers to :

  • Reduce costs by digitizing business processes and improving staff productivity.

  • reduce their environmental footprint by requiring fewer employee trips

  • improve the quality of life of employees, resulting in their loyalty to the company and, in most cases, increasing their productivity

  • have a more innovative image on the market

  • Improve collaboration with other organizations, partners, providers through the technologies offered in the Microsoft 365 suite.

Where to start?

We recommend a micro-project approach that allows quick results, with a return on investment of just a few months. You can thus measure, with a very limited investment, the quality and ROI of the projects.

We identify with you the evolutions that will have an important impact on your business as soon as possible and will allow you to do a lot with little...

Through a complete service offer, we enable our clients to considerably improve collaboration and communication within their company, with partners or with customers.

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