In which online services should you invest today to save your business tomorrow?

onlinediensten voor uw bedrijf implementeren

The time has come for deconfinement, but one thing is certain: the digital behaviors acquired during the crisis are now part of our habits and will continue over time. Customer expectations for digital services are higher than ever before, and this applies to all sectors. What if this was an opportunity for your company?

Doing a lot with little... Sometimes a simple online service can revolutionize customer relationships and improve the profitability of your business. The most important step is to start by identifying the services you need to develop to meet your customers' needs in the long term: ordering, payment, contact, signature, administrative procedures, messaging...

In this period of uncertainty and changes in consumption patterns, the companies that digitize and innovate to stand out from the competition are those that best secure their future.

services en ligne pour votre entreprise

In April 2020, 81% of internet users were looking for a product or service to buy online.

Which online services for your company?

The implementation of online services, in the short and long term, depends on several elements: the needs of your customers, your IT environment and the adaptability of your teams. Our teams can help you identify the different opportunities. An analysis of business and user needs is an essential step in your thinking. Putting in place several low-budget approaches and investing more heavily in the one that generates the most return is also an excellent way to make the right choice in terms of digital services.

Here are a few concrete examples of online services already in place at our clients to respond to the crisis:

  • Development of simple forms on existing websites: contact, registration, information request, online ordering...
  • Rapid deployment of a catalogue with online ordering and payment
  • Creation of an online appointment scheduling module
  • Digitization of administrative procedures in connection with a management software package
  • Support chatbot to relieve congestion on call lines
  • On-line reservation system
  • Follow-up of customer file
  • Virtual tour
  • Digital authentication
conseils pour lancer des services en ligne

In 2022, Gartner even estimates that 72% of customer interactions will involve emerging technologies such as messaging and chatbot.

Whether in healthcare, real estate, B2B/B2C commerce, public services or industry, the challenges remain the same: to become more professional, to be able to absorb increasing volumes, to enrich the offer, to maintain customer confidence and to win new ones.


Where to start?

Our tips for getting started:

  • Solicit a sample of customers on their digital expectations
  • Think about the complementarity of your different physical and digital contact points to optimize your customers' journey and avoid frustration.
  • Ensure consistency between your different channels
  • Personalize your contacts, even if they are digital.
  • For each service, proposing several alternatives is a plus (each customer is different).
  • Optimize interactions with your existing tools

Need to create and deploy new online services quickly?

Our team of digital transformation experts and specialized developers will support your projects, from the simplest to the most complex.