IoT : What are the competitive advantages for companies?


Developing innovative services and improving performance can be done thanks to the IoT. A look at the main benefits in B2B. 

Technological advances in recent years, such as cloud computing, big data and new communication protocols, have led to the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT).  

The use of IoT technologies gives companies the opportunity to gain a real competitive advantage

5 good reasons to use IoT  

The benefits are many but we have identified 5 that we believe are relevant to all sectors of activity.

Rapid and informed decision-making  

Real-time feedback from the field via connected objects allows for more effective anticipation of the future. 

Predictive maintenance 

The information captured by connected objects allows you to anticipate wear and tear on machines and the possible failure of parts. You are thus able to anticipate problems and avoid disrupting production lines. You clearly gain in productivity. 

Development of new services  

With new information, you know more about your equipment, your customers and your teams. You can therefore develop new services or products, strengthen your relationship with your customers and make progress in the digital transformation of your company. You can even create innovative business models. 

Introducing innovation 

IoT platform providers such as Microsoft and AWS are continually introducing new services and additional functionality; you can offer innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, or big data. 

Optimised performance 

Decision-making is faster and more informed. This allows you to increase your organisational efficiency and performance. 

Pragmatic approach and multidisciplinary team 

The potential of IoT solutions in a Business-to-Business model is immense. To deliver value as quickly as possible, Contraste consultants recommend a pragmatic approach and the use of simple and robust tools

This means working on the five layers that make up an IoT project: 

  • The sensors  
  • The network 
  • The data 
  • Information 
  • Applications  

As the data generated by an IoT project is crucial to increase your competitiveness, you need to call on not only IoT experts but also engineers and developers specialised in cloud, data and integration. That's why the Contraste team includes all these experts. This allows us to offer a global approach to data, from its collection on a sensor to its integration into your information system.