FAQ – Smart Documents

1. Why has it been decided to move Smart Documents to Contraste?

Nitro decided to sell the Smart Documents product to Contraste Europe, to allow Nitro to focus on its core business (PDF, e-Sign and Identity) while ensuring that current and new Smart Documents customers receive the attention and expertise they deserve.

Smart Documents adds a significant dimension to Contraste Europe’s Enterprise Content Management capabilities, enabling them to assist their customers in enhancing and digitizing their document generation and multi-channel communication processes.

Most of the customers currently using Smart Documents, since 10 to 15 years, are part of Contraste's primary sectors of focus, including Financial and Public sectors.

Contraste has a dedicated team of experts ready to answer questions and help with problems and develop new features that meet the needs of customers.

Contraste will take full responsibility for the support and further development of the product.

We are confident that this transfer of product development and support will lead to a better customer experience and to more opportunities for growth and innovation related to Smart Documents.


2. We understand that Smart Documents has been acquired by Contraste, is this true?

This is correct. Contraste recently acquired the Smart Documents solution. In the coming weeks, Nitro and Contraste will work with existing customers to transition contracts, cloud environments and support.


3. Who is Contraste?

Contraste Europe is a renowned and growing IT services company with an international presence. We are a major player specializing in the digital transformation of enterprises while optimizing their operational processes. 

With 29 years of existence, Contraste’s main focus is designing, developing, integrating and managing complex ICT applications and infrastructures.  

Passionate about digital technologies, the experts commit to assist midmarket and large enterprises in their business transformation. They work closely with your teams, fully involved to contribute to improve your competitive positioning and your operational efficiency.

We are a long term trusted partner of Nitro, and we are very familiar with the solution of Smart Documents solution, as we have supported the services team in the background for expertise on templates and installations.


4. What will happen to our current agreements? Are there any changes to the terms of service or user agreements? 

Depending on your current agreement, it will be transitioned to Contraste or a new agreement will be signed with Contraste.

Of course, Contraste and Nitro will guide you in this process as our main aim is to ensure business continuity for our clients.


5. Will we need a new agreement with Contraste and can we refuse this? Will the same financial agreement apply?

Depending on your current agreement, the agreement it will be transitioned to Contraste or a new agreement will be signed with Contraste.

As for the financial agreement, this depends on the current contractual agreement, but for the duration of the contract between you and Nitro, there will be no impact on the financial agreement.


6. What will happen to our environments and integrations?

You can continue using the solution as you know it today. There will probably be an update in the URL of the environments, the same goes for the integration part. The services team will inform you accordingly as soon as we schedule the move together.


7. Until when can I use Smart Documents?

As the solution is moved to another party, you can continue using Smart Documents as long as the solution is offered by Contraste.


8. What is expected from my side?

For on-premise customers, this is limited to discussing the contractual aspects and support.

For cloud customers, this is both discussing the contractual aspects and support and planning around transferring the cloud environments from Nitro to Contraste.


9. What will happen to my existing data and documents stored in the Smart Documents solution?

All data will be saved. Some updates will need to be made in the configurations or integrations, but we will inform you accordingly.


10. Will the technology change? Are there any new features or improvements I can expect with the partner's solution?

In the first phase not. As it was decided to move to Smart Documents to Contraste, since Contraste has the necessary expertise to optimize the solution in the best way possible. That way you will be able to enjoy new and improved features in the future.


11. I am still working with Nitro for other services, will this change too?

No, Nitro Sign Premium (eSignatures) and Identity Hub will remain at Nitro.


12. How will this transition affect the quality of service and support?

We believe this will only improve the quality of the service and support.


13. What is the timeline for the transition?

This will be scheduled in the coming weeks and communicated to you accordingly.


14. How will billing and invoicing be handled during and after the transition?

Depending on the status of the contract transfer, the invoice will be sent from Connective/Nitro or Contraste


15. Can I get assistance with the migration process?

The request for assistance will be forwarded to Contraste, as Nitro won’t have access to the environments anymore.


16. Will there be any downtime during the transition?

There will be a brief downtime when we transfer your Smart Documents data from the Nitro environment to Contraste. At the same time, your integrations may need to be modified to connect to the new environment hosted by Contraste. Together with Contraste, Nitro will guide you to ensure that the impact will be minimal and at the most convenient times.


17. How do I provide feedback or raise concerns about the transition?

You can reach out to smartdocuments@gonitro.com or to your CSM.

Contact details of Contraste are: ecm@contraste.com.