Contraste Europe is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. For three decades, our teams have been successfully supporting companies in their digital transformation. 

Thank you to our staff and our customers for their trust and loyalty.   

We'd like to take this anniversary as an opportunity to look back at our history and the reasons for our longevity: solid customer relationships, successful projects thanks to skilled employees and an effective methodology.   

Strong customer relationships: our greatest success   

From the outset, Contraste Europe has succeeded in forging very strong links with its clients. The key to this success lies in the diversity of our IT services and our ability to manage a wide range of IT projects while fully understanding our clients' business processes.   

We have built up long-term relationships of trust with major economic and public-sector players.  We are proud to have worked with them through all the upheavals associated with the digital transition: the emergence of the internet, then mobile phones, the cloud and data, right through to Artificial Intelligence.    

  • Most of Belgium's major banks and insurance companies work with Contraste, where our teams deliver in both national languages.
  • High-traffic press sites such as Le Soir and SudInfo are produced by Contraste Digital teams  
  • Numerous utilities players (Resa, SWDE, inBW, etc.) rely on our teams for their digital transition and the digitalisation of their processes: cutting-edge applications (IoT, Cloud) for water and energy suppliers
  • Major public organisations (SPW, i-CITY, hospitals, etc.) call on our skills in architecture, development, project management, infrastructure and support
  • International companies in services, distribution and industry (Groupe Rocher, OSG) have relied on us for many years, particularly for their management software (ERP) and the development of custom applications

A success story written through projects   

Contraste Europe has constantly broadened its horizons by developing new areas of expertise, to stay at the cutting edge of innovation. In 30 years, we have :   

  • Developed +1,000 applications   
  • Seen +10,000,000 visits to the websites we have built/managed   
  • Produced +1,000,000 invoices in the ERP systems we have set up   
  • Deployed +10,000 servers   
  • Resolved +100,000 calls to our helpdesks   
  • Trained more than 5,000 employees and customers on the projects carried out

A look back at our history in a few key dates   

Over the years, Contraste has expanded its activities, doubling the size of its group over the last decade. Today, Contraste has more than 400 employees and its activities cover Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Tunisia.   

But it didn't happen in 1 day. It is the result of progressive development and the integration of other IT service companies.     

  • 1994: Creation of the company by a group of IT services experts   
  • Between 1999 and 2009: Expansion through the acquisition of several companies: CompuMatch, Amsit, Exis, Proxiel, etc.   
  • Between 2014 and 2016: Takeover of Web agency defimedia and BTR Services, renamed Contrast Consulting   
  • 2017: Takeover and integration of Audaxis (application development and ERP integrator), including its nearshore activities in Tunisia, and creation of TDJ (The Digital Journey) specialising in migration to the public cloud.   
  • 2018: Birth of Contraste Digital, the result of a merger between the Web & Mobile teams of Audaxis and defimedia.   
  • 2023: Acquisition of Bizliner's Enterprise Architecture activities and the Smart Document solution, recently renamed SmartDigiDocs.   

A future full of promise   

The next decade promises to be full of promise and exciting opportunities.   

More than ever, Contraste has ambitious goals and is eager to support its customers through the challenges and changes ahead.   

Any long-term success is of course a collective one, and we would like to extend our warmest thanks to all those who have placed their trust in us: our customers, our employees, our partners and all those who have contributed to this exceptional journey.