Audaxis, a subsidiary of the Contraste group meets today’s expectations for enterprise management software with an ERP offer based on open source technologies.

Functional adequacy today represents only part of companies' expectations in terms of enterprise management software. They are also looking for an ERP solution capable of providing an excellent user experience and meeting technological challenges both in terms of performance and connectivity. The ERP must manage high data volumes, multiple and varied interfaces, and, at the same time place the users’ concern forergonomics and mobility at the heart of the design.

Contraste Europe with its subsidiary Audaxis specialized for more than 15 years in the integration of Open Source ERP is adapting more than ever to the market and to the needs of customers. The Apiz Advanced ERP Solutions represent a new integrated offer based on the Open Source Compiere ERP.

Find out what are the main ERP challenges in 2020 and how Apiz meets them.

Mobility Intuitiveness and Personalization

First any ERP solution must now be mobile. This is why our R&D team designed the APIZ interface first for the mobile. Regardless of the device it therefore meets the expectations of users looking for speed simplicity and performance. This is especially true for order management customer relationship monitoring and access to reports.

An ERP must also satisfy users who are increasingly demanding in terms of intuitiveness. APIZ has an innovative web interface that offers new navigation modes such as the "blade". This allows for very fast and intuitive interactions by combining different views and exploring the data in a very agile manner. Indeed, the user accesses detailed information while keeping a link with the related records . Many other functionalities have been integrated to facilitate the daily life of users: breadcrumbs, keyboard shortcuts, zoom functions on info structured links ...

Personalization is another of today’s key trends. Each Apiz user has the ability to define a personal workspace for easy access to frequently accessed information . Beyond the classic table and form oriented views the application offers datavisualizisation in kanbans calendars or graphs.

The functions that facilitate collaborative work are numerous and user productivity is also increased tenfold by the ability to execute complex processes and reports in the background.

Performance oriented ERP solution

Businesses operate in increasingly complex international environments. This implies to be able to manage activities 24 hours a day with multiple connections to web platforms and business applications. This also involves exchanging data in high volumes. The ERP then plays a central role and it must have the capacity to monitor activities without interruption.

Running on a high availability infrastructure, APIZ guarantees maximum availability in all contexts of use. Its architecture based on micro-services around docker swarm and kubernetes orchestrators eliminates downtime and even allows updates to be made on the running system. To adapt to all operating contexts its technology base is natively designed to be deployed in public or private clouds as well as in a client’s own installations.

Designed to perform on large volumes of data, APIZ best optimizes resource usage in function of the business processes. The different APIZ component modules are developed around standardized solutions for stateless micro-services. Each of these can be scaled independently either temporarily or permanently. The fully integrated pagination management from end to end from your device to the database ensures ease of use and optimal use of allocated resources.

Whether you need to manage large volumes or execute complex processes, APIZ adapts to all organizations by providing performance-oriented solutions.

ERP at the heart of the application architecture

All companies are facing problems related to the connection between multiple applications and the integration of data from the web. The uniqueness of information is a major issue for the competitiveness of companies and that is why the ERP plays a crucial role in this context.

Apiz is designed to easily communicate with other solutions regardless of their technology such as e-commerce sites, business applications or supplier portals. Apiz takes its place at the heart of the application architecture thanks to numerous native business web services.

APIZ offers different connection modes synchronous and asynchronous, for data integration and interrogation. The technologies are centered around Springboot webservices, notification management or even JMS messaging. It is therefore possible to connect any type of application to the ERP and to guarantee the uniqueness of the information even in real time.

ERP does not have to manage everything. Businesses can keep their business applications. They can also quickly create new areas of development via e-commerce and online services or the launch of new networks or partnerships. Apiz provides the openness needed to quickly deploy gateways with new tools.


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