In supporting the Rossel Group with the roll-out of a CMP platform in compliance with the IAB standards, Contraste Digital is seen to highlight its advanced technical skills in digital technologies and its swift adapting capacity.

Originally, the Consent Management Platform (CMP) was a platform intended to enable businesses to manage the front office portion of consents (cookie banner, confirmation pop-up, CGU/CGV pages, etc.).

However, some advertising sales houses have announced they would stop placing any further advertisements if the consent information cannot be trace back to the advertisers and if they were not “IAB compliant”. The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) is the umbrella organisation of the Internet advertising companies. Its aim is to put standards in place.

In endeavouring to observe the IAB compliance rules, the major publishers or e-commerce sites are concerned and are working to comply with these rules. The Belgian Rossel press group recently called on Contraste Digital’s expertise to quickly roll out a functional CMP that is officially IAB-endorsed for all its websites. In this regard, the consultants had to align the interpretation of the GDPR standards with the IAB requirements.

The risks of non-compliance being even greater than the fact that they could have a major impact on the business of any organisations that live off digital advertising.

It is worth pointing out that the giant company that is Google has also announced that its advertising sales houses would be insisting on consent.