Contraste continues to invest in the quality of testing of its IT solutions and is committed to ISTQB® training and certification of its consultants.

As part of the development of any IT solution, testing plays a key role in ensuring product quality and end-user satisfaction.

In recent years, these tests have become even more important. Market developments and the exponential digitalisation of processes are undeniably at stake. We are facing multiple challenges:

  • Increasingly complex information systems
  • Rapid production start-ups to meet the market's need for reactivity
  • Collaboration with business teams (end-users), in the development phases, supported by Agile methods
  • A necessary efficiency and fluidity in the interfaces between applications
  • The essential optimisation of the user experience
  • Constant attention to security

Contraste reinforces its quality approach by professionalizing the testing of applications developed for its customers. This includes ISTQB® certification of the personnel involved. Internationally recognised, ISTQB® certification facilitates the adoption of a common base and the use of uniform standards for testing processes. It is a real guarantee of quality. In the context of its Software Development Competence Centre, Contraste is actively pursuing the ISTQB® training of its teams, enabling some of its employees to go as far as certification

Numerous consultants (developers, integrators, analysts, etc.) have been trained in functional, UX and technical tests. Our teams are now in the process of industrialising testing processes and automating certain types of tests