Find out how an enterprise architecture solution can help you optimise the management of your business. 

Over the years, many companies have created a complex ecosystem of processes and applications that are costly to maintain. One of the major challenges they face today is to get the full picture. It is essential to understand the current state of portfolios of applications, processes, data, business objects (etc.), their gaps and redundant functions, in order to plan for the future.  

To meet these needs, Enterprise Architecture tools have two aspects. The first provides a modelling environment and a supporting repository. The second facilitates collaboration between a diverse group of stakeholders within the organisation, from business strategy to IT.  

This means that with EA tools you can respond faster and more effectively to ongoing changes in everything from your markets, people, processes and technology.

The Bizliner team, with its Exhibeo solution, helps companies to build a complete picture of their business and IT. So that you can understand what already exists and plan for the future. 

What is Exhibeo?  

Exhibeo is an IT and business architecture repository, a support and a back-office for the IT team. It is based on the Abacus solution from Avolution, a market-leading Enterprise Architecture solution. Its purpose is twofold:   

  1. Describe the components of your architecture: Exhibeo specifies the components of your business, IT, organisational and financial infrastructure, such as the detailed portfolio, applications, processes, assets and network objects. The tool exploits the information stored and structured in your repository and generates detailed specifications of the artefacts and building blocks of your architecture.  

  1. Simplify information delivery: Exhibeo generates outputs from the models and data populating the repository. These include extended infrastructure specifications, such as architectural diagrams linked to application-level information, as well as your process, asset and message infrastructure objects.  

Using an enterprise architecture tool ultimately means being able to understand things better and make better decisions


The Exhibeo offer, Avolution only better   

Based on Avolution, the market-leading solution according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Exhibeo has all the qualities of ABACUS with some significant price advantages, making the solution accessible to all businesses.    

The solution's strengths include :   

  • Even less mature organisations can take advantage of the solution thanks to built-in frameworks and libraries, while mature organisations have access to the most advanced features.  
  • The solution is at the cutting edge of security architecture management. It has cybersecurity modelling capabilities to facilitate risk and security management and communication.  
  • Data quality and analysis enhanced by AI and Machine Learning  

Gartner also notes 3 points in ABACUS solution: price, learning curve and upgrade capacity requirements.  Exhibeo brings positive answers to these elements:   

  • Without the need for an up-front purchase of licenses, the cost to benefit from ABACUS is reduced by 60 to 80% and the operational cost of the solution by a factor of 40 to 60%.  
  • Our back-office and interaction with a single point of contact at the customer's site means we can be 100% efficient from day one.  
  • Our back-office is scalable and the capacity is theoretically infinite.  

So we're offering the market-leading solution, while multiplying its effectiveness and dividing its cost.  

The solution is technically and financially accessible to all types of organisations, from the smallest to the largest, whether public or private. 

More info about Bizliner 

Bizliner is Contraste Europe Company. Bizliner collects data about your business goals and strategy. We link them to the applications that support them, taking into account their life cycles, supporting their components and upcoming transitions. As a result, business and IT priorities come quickly into alignment. 

You can use our services to manage a single business or IT domain. Or you can ask us to work at a higher level to ensure architecture consistency across multiple enterprise domains. 

Bizliner’s Enterprise Portfolio Management services include: 

  • Business Process Management 
  • Business Information Management and Analysis 
  • Application Portfolio Valuation and Management 
  • Critical User-Developed Application Management 
  • Service & Message Standard Architecture 
  • Infrastructure Capacity Management 
  • IT Asset and Cost Management