Reliability, efficiency, confidentiality... Find out in our new White Paper the best practices to optimise the contracting process.

Where is the latest version of the document? Who reviewed and amended it? Is it certain that it has not been distributed to an unauthorised person? How do you get validation as quickly as possible? These are critical questions when it comes to contracts.

Teleworking has become more widespread and companies are better equipped with document management solutions and collaborative tools. However, the online contracting process, also known as e-Contract, remains complex and time-consuming. It involves many critical steps, from conception to signature, through verifications and multiple communications.

The automation of approval flows and the integration of digital signatures bring many benefits. ,Even though they brought an immediate benefit related to social distancing, they are in any case a real asset in terms of productivity. It brings gains at all stages of the collaboration with your customers, suppliers, employees or partners.

But how to start digitising your contracts ? In this White Paper, find out about the most common difficulties and our tips for avoiding them.

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