When all contacts must happen remotely, the benefits of a powerful contract management solution becomes obvious. Contraste offers its services in the integration of a complete solution based on its development framework, Microsoft Office 365 & Connective. A solution that is extremely quick to implement in order to meet today's challenges.

Your contacts are numerous and you exchange documents, which have to be validated and signed. To maintain productivity and efficiency in this period of crisis where teleworking has become the rule and appointments are difficult to organise, contract management and electronic signature tools play a crucial role.

Many companies today are more concerned than ever about managing their contracts. Have all the elements of the document been checked, haven't we forgotten anything? How long will it take to finalize the signature? What is the status of each contract? What changes have been made to the standard version of the document? These are questions that you are probably asking yourself as well...

To fully digitize the contracting process, Contraste has integrated the Microsoft 0ffice 365 environment with Connective's eSignature solution, thanks to its own contract flow solution developed with its Fast Mobile Development Framework. Every company can benefit from this quickly, as we deploy the digital signature part in just a few days.

A complete and secure contract digitisation solution

The contract workflow solution is a complete mobile web application linked to the company's Office 365 environment, in the context of security based on the active directory from the Office 365 environment.

It has an intuitive interface with a dashboard providing an overview of the tasks to be performed and quick access to the contracts it is working on. It uses a simple workflow engine with a series of functionalities allowing the user to interact with all the documents that are part of the contract, and send them to lawyers or clients for modification and validation. The solution can be combined with a suite of other solutions such as expense claim management or employee skills management.

All application functionality is controlled by a role-based access system so that users can see only what they need to see and are not hindered by applications or data they are not supposed to use or know.

Fast, remote implementation

Contraste is currently carrying out several projects to digitize contracts completely remotely. To meet the urgent needs of our clients, we recommend a deployment in several phases. Indeed, the Connective electronic signature tool is implemented in only a few days, without any impact on the company's processes. The company benefits very quickly.

If the implementation of automated workflows for the correction and validation of contracts can be done afterwards, it can also be entirely managed remotely by our teams. The analysis and training phases are carried out entirely via Teams.

A concrete example of a 100% digital contractualization workflow

In the diagram below, you can find a typical contract flow. A sales representative, after verbal agreement from the customer, initiates the creation of the contract by selecting the contract type or asks his administration office to prepare all the documents making up the contract.

Once the file is available, the modification can start in the Office 365 environment, on the online Word tool. Revision tracking is activated and, as such, all changes made to the standard document can be easily identified.

The editing process then continues using Microsoft Teams. The document is shared with colleagues, lawyers and clients, which also allows them to make changes. External sharing is done via an e-mail, containing a link that allows them to confirm the changes made and approve the content.

Once all parties have approved the amended documents, a version including revision annotations is archived for future reference and the final version of the contract is sent to the Connective electronic signature application. Once all parties have signed the contract, it is archived in the archiving system and an e-mail with the link to the signed documents will be sent to the client.

Immediate and long-term benefits

The contractualization stage is always time-consuming for the teams. Digitisation first of all speeds up the process, avoiding massive email exchanges and complex monitoring of project status. Thanks to the implementation of a digital solution, you also gain in reliability. All the information is centralized in one place and you have real-time monitoring of the progress of modifications and validations.

The automation of approval workflows and digital signature brings many benefits to companies. If they respond today to an immediate need, linked to social distancing, they will always be a real asset for the future, especially in terms of productivity.

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