Drupal 10 | 5 reasons to migrate

Drupal 10

If you currently have a website built on an earlier version of Drupal, you may be wondering if it's worth migrating your site to Drupal 10. The answer is yes, and in this article we'll explain why.


One of the main reasons to migrate to Drupal 10 is security. As websites and online threats evolve, it is essential to keep your website up to date with the latest patches and security updates. Drupal 10 will be supported by security updates until November 2028, which means you can be sure your site will be secure for years to come.

Performance improvement

Drupal 10 will benefit from several performance improvements, including better caching and database performance. These changes will make your website faster and more responsive, which is important for user experience and search engine optimisation.

Better accessibility

Drupal 10 will offer better accessibility support, which means your site will be easier to use for people with disabilities. This can also help with search engine optimisation, as search engines give priority to websites that are accessible to all users.

Modern technology

Drupal 10 will be built on the latest version of Symfony 6, a modern PHP framework. This means that your website will have access to the latest features and improvements in PHP, as well as improved performance and security.

Easier maintenance

As your website grows and evolves, it can become more difficult to maintain and update. Drupal 10 will make several changes to its API and architecture, making it easier to create and maintain Drupal sites. This will save you time and money on maintenance and upgrades.

To conclude

Migrating your site to Drupal 10 will bring you several benefits, including improved security, performance and accessibility support. It will also give you access to the latest technologies and make it easier to maintain and update your website.

If you are considering a migration, it is important to work with a qualified Drupal development team to ensure a smooth and successful transition. For over 15 years, we have been using our expertise to transform enterprise projects into cutting-edge web solutions. Our philosophy is to work closely with each client to understand their unique needs. So trust us!


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