Every company may need to integrate specialists or expand its IT teams on a one-off or structural basis. Focus on 3 approaches to team extension and their advantages. 


In the field of information technology, the job market remains largely deficient in terms of qualified personnel. The demand for specialists, mainly in the digital field, remains tense.    

On the one hand, companies occasionally need specialists in a specific technology or field. On the other hand, in a more structural way, they are sometimes looking to quickly complete a team in order to meet business requirements (growth, market developments, compliance deadlines, etc.).  

In both cases, the use of an external service provider to benefit from an extended team has multiple advantages. It allows you to respond to needs quickly, concretely and flexibly.  

Discover three models of team extension proposed by Contraste Europe that allow us to meet the requirements of each company : the Capacity Model, Staff Augmentation and Offshoring.   

The Capacity Model   

This approach is ideal for dealing with a one-off increase in workload. A compliance deadline or a technological migration? With the Capacity Model, you work with a core team defined in terms of profiles or projects, based on non-binding forecasts. 

Certain services are essential for the successful integration of these external resources into your teams:  

  • Audit and needs assessment : It is important to clearly define the skills of the resources required and the number of people needed to make up the "Core Team", i.e. the team that will take charge of the basic activities.  
  • Project governance : Setting up project governance allows you to anticipate future needs in a flexible way. Close collaboration is established between your team leaders and Contraste's recruiters.  
  • Start-up support : External consultants receive preliminary training on the specificities of your company to ensure a quick integration. 

At Contraste, services are supported by competence centres. These develop our excellence in selected strategic areas through knowledge sharing and training support. In addition, we provide close and continuous monitoring of the people who work for our clients.  

Our recruitment team also provides valuable support with a permanent view on potential candidates to join our team. This enables us to be responsive to additional customer requests.  

Staff Augmentation  

This involves responding within a very short timeframe to a demand for specific skills in generic areas - such as Project Managers or Business Analysts - or in particular areas - for example, .Net or Java developers or specialists in a given technology.  

In order to select quality candidates, a perfect understanding of your specific needs is necessary. Contraste's experience of over 25 years has enabled us to develop a knowledge of the expertise required in specific fields of activity (banking, insurance, retail, public sector, etc.). We also keep abreast of new client expectations and train our teams on the latest technological and methodological trends

In addition, the implementation of a contractual framework that includes a price list per profile will simplify the subsequent management of the ordering process, the verification of services and invoicing. 


Nearshoring allows the economic equation to be played out to substantially reduce costs. Contraste Europe offers this formula mainly in the field of application development, with its teams based in Tunis. The use of this service also requires an upstream analysis and continuous monitoring of the project.  

  • Business case assessment : First and foremost, the situation is analysed to determine whether the use of a near-shore team is appropriate.  
  • Project management : This is organised remotely and the management of this operating mode is carried out by experts, particularly in terms of formalising the development cycle.    
  • Control of constraints and procedures : overall project management, cultural interactions, initial specifications, acceptance procedures, etc. 

Why use our extended team services ?  

The main advantage of using an extended team is agility. The resources are immediately available and informed in advance about the specific context of your company. They are quickly operational. You eliminate long implementation times. You have the capacity to address the requirements of a constantly changing market in the best possible conditions.  

You also benefit from access to a knowledge base in digital project management and the provision of technical expertise in all areas of IT for the business.  

We believe that the teams we provide should be an integral part of your business, sharing its vision, in order to achieve its objectives. It is about complementing the internal team without replacing it. We develop a relationship based on mutual trust, transparency and sharing of experience to build a long term relationship.  

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