With the support of Contraste Digital, the Rossel Group La Voix – which draws a total of 11 million unique visitors to its sites – is forging ahead with the digital experience it is offering its readers. La Voix du Nord has put a brand new premium offering online with enriched and exclusive content.

La Voix du Nord is modernising its editorial offering and launching its premium model across new web and mobile digital platforms. Short news articles and newswires remain accessible free of charge via the VDN site whereas the paid content is presented on Voix du Nord’s website and applications..

To do so, Contraste Digital’s digital technology teams drew on their expertise to design and roll-out a new Drupal-based website that is totally integrated, encapsulating both the editorial system, the SSO platforms and the online payment system. The mobile iOS and Android applications have also been re-engineered.

With this new digital offering, the newspaper is showing its eagerness to fall into line with a new model that is more geared to the latest digital trends: offering exclusive paid content, explored in depth and enriched with multimedia resources. “We’re hoping to step the 10,000 subscribers we have today for the digital version up to 20,000 or 30,000 within two to three years”the newspaper’s Deputy CEO Bruno Jauffret explains.

This digital transition, known under the moniker “web first”, changes the way newsrooms and reporters work, but it does more than that. The aim of La Voix du Nord is to find new models to monetise the content, albeit without abandoning the paper newspaper. “(…) This requires us to adapt to the changes in the way readers consume media, whilst offering the same convenience and readability delivered by the hard copy newspaper: smooth and easy” Deputy CEO Gabriel D’Harcourt goes on to add.

According to Mr D’Harcourt, “(…) as time moves on, the more people need quality information. Which makes it all the more necessary for people to be able to tell the truth from the fake news, in a world that is moving faster all the time. (…) People realise that this quality comes at a price”. 

I’m certain that the greatest the risk for economic players like us is not to take any. La Voix du Nord has always moved forward throughout its history (…). We need to rise to the occasion and take this challenge head on, and the way to do that is by being bold, innovative and take risks”, he concludes.

Over the last ten years or so, La Voix du Nord has been served by Contraste Digital in its digital transformation.

This step is part of the company’s transformation plan, which has been dubbed “Demain La Voix” and got under way two years ago with the structuring of the editorial team and the editions.

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